Tide Pure


  • With tap water inlet, to produce RO water and ultrapure water, quality can reach to above10MΩ.cm
  • Built-in 20 liters airtight plastic pressure water tank
  • Built-in 22 liters high-capacity polishing resin cartridge
  • Unique design and easy-to-replace consumables pack unit
  • Data storage and RS 232/USB communication port
  • 3-way online water quality sensor, multiple alarm
  • Life-span of consumables' display and alarm
  • System circulation function, system sterilization procedure (Optional)
  • Molding process, high-strength plastic shell, beautiful appearance
  • The graphic display clearly indicates all system's parameters. From water quality to knowing when it is time to change the purification pack, you'll see at a glance what is need?
  • The system requires no special installation, connect the system to your tap water supply - it's ready to use
  • Output water 60L/hr, 90L/hr, 120L/hr Ultra pure water / DI water system