Flow Injection Analyzer

Flow injection Analyzer (FIA) to analyse water, sea water, waste water, soil, plant, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, elements like Ammonia, Nitrate/Nitrite etc...

QuikChem 8500 Series 2 FIA System

Lachat's QuikChem® 8500 Series 2 Flow Injection Analysis System features high sample throughput and simple but rapid method changeover. The QuikChem Flow Injection Analysis system maximizes productivity in determining ionic species in a variety of sample types, from sub-ppb to percent concentrations. With over 500 methods for environmental, agronomic and industrial applications, including USEPA accepted and equivalent methods, the QuikChem 8500 will satisfy all your analytical requirements

ASX Series Auto samplers

To accommodate large sample loads, the ASX-500 Series sampler offers up to 360 sample and 16 bulk standard positions for both calibration and QC standards. The integral wash bath ensures complete washout of the sampling line to prevent inter-sample carryover and cross-contamination. To perform automated ion analysis in quantities of less than 50 samples per batch, analysts choose the ASX-400 Series. 

Precision Dilutor System

Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and Ion Chromatography (IC) are complementary analytical techniques that are commonly used in the same laboratory. The QuikChem® 8500 Automated Ion Analyzer offers an Ion Chromatography Option to complement its basic FIA capability.