BIOMATRIX – Ultra Sonicator Touch screen controller, Power from 100 watts to 2000 watts, temperature probe, process volume from 0.5 ml to 3000 ml 

Ultrasonic Homogenizer: Applications and Futures

  • Mixing, blending, emulsifying, and homogenizing solutions, Nano emulsion.
  • Reducing particle size
  • Dispersing suspensions
  • Disrupting cells
  • Catalyzing chemical reactions – Sono chemistry
  • Novel design, Complete-function, Reliable ability
  • Auto tuning, Watts, joule and elapse time display
  • 99h total working time controller, 1s – 99h andcount down time display
  • Pulse On & Off 1s – 99 min
  • Automatic amplitude compensation
  • Temperature indicator with probe
  • Large LCD digital display, Fully microprocessor controlled and completely programmable
  • Frequency range: 20KHz (Frequency is auto tracking)
  • Amplitudes power 0%-100% continuous adjustable
  • Sound Enclosure
  • Adjustable jack

BMS –T: Touch Screen
Nominal Frequency20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ
Nominal Power100W200W350W550W750W1200W2000W
Process Volume500ul-80ml2ml-150ml5ml-250ml10ml-400ml20ml-800ml50ml-2000ml50ml-3000ml
Probe SizeΦ3mmΦ6mmΦ8mmΦ13mmΦ16mmΦ20mmΦ25mm

BMS Semi Automatic
Nominal Frequency20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ20KHZ
Nominal Power80W150W300W450W600W1200W1800W
Process Volume500ul-50ml2ml-100ml5ml-200ml10ml-300ml20ml-500ml50ml-2000ml50ml-3000ml
Probe SizeΦ3mmΦ6mmΦ8mmΦ13mmΦ16mmΦ20mmΦ25mm


Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrasonic bath 40Khz with heating and without heating model volume 2l, 3l ,6l ,10l, 15l, 22l, liters capacity with temperature and time setting with accessory mess baskets, top lid cover, tube rack. 

BMS - 250 Continues Process